Why A Compact Camera is still better than your Phone’s

Smartphone cameras have come a long way in recent years. The quality of photos that can be taken with a smartphone camera is sometimes too good to be true. Smartphones these days not only come with manual controls and wide apertures, but also boast optical zoom by using dual lenses for different focal lengths.

So you may wonder, why does one need a compact camera if smartphones have come so far?

For Larger Sensors

Smartphones may use wide apertures and good sensors, but the fact remains that a typical point and shoot compact camera still has a larger, often better, sensor than your smartphone. A larger sensor means better ISO performance, more detail captured, and overall potential to produce a better image.

For Optical Zoom

Yes, we just mentioned that smartphone cameras now have optical zoom, but it is very limited. Compact cameras, however, boast an impressive range of optical zoom. Most such cameras allow for 3x zoom, with some reaching over 30x zoom. This optical zoom is essential for many people who want to bring faraway subjects closer to their cameras without affecting quality.

For More Control

While some smartphones these days provide full manual control over your photos, not all of them are in the same camp. For complete creative control over your images, a compact camera will probably serve you much better than your smartphone. Especially in the case of long exposures and low light photos, you need this kind of control in your camera for taking an ideal shot.

So if you want a camera that allows you to go beyond what your smartphone can do, compact cameras are still very viable purchases. However, if you just take photos to post on social media or record some casual memories, you will probably be content with the one on your smartphone.

Post Author: clarone