Running Windows 10? Here are Some Tips and Tricks

Windows is, without a doubt, a great operating system to be running on your PC. While a lot of people prefer Mac OS over Windows, people who are invested in Microsoft’s services usually tend to stick with its own operating system.

The Creators Update for Windows 10 was just rolled out to devices a few weeks ago, and it brings with it lots of new features and changes in the overall software. However, there are some things that might go unnoticed due to being hidden in menus and settings. Read on to find out some of these hidden tips and tricks.

Be in Control of your Storage

The more you use your PC on a regular basis, the more it is bound to fill up with junk you don’t need. Sometimes you don’t even know it exists, which is why a feature called Storage Sense has been added in Windows 10. With it you can have your PC clean itself up, which included delete things like temporary files and recycle bin items, every 30 days. This also shows you clearly as to what kind of items are taking up what amount of space on your computer.

Take it Easy on the Eyes

Another great, albeit simple, feature that Microsoft decided to add in Windows 10 is Night Light. This casts a warm hue over your entire screen so that your eyes don’t have to deal with the negative effects of blue light during later hours. This can be found in Display settings on your Windows PC.

Troubleshoot All in One Place

Windows has finally consolidated all of the different troubleshooting options in one place. The new Troubleshoot option can be found in Update and Security settings. Here, you can troubleshoot any and all kinds of issues you might run into on your computer without having to Google as to where you should navigate or how you should tackle a problem.


These are only a few of the hidden tips and tricks that have been added in Windows 10 Creators Update. There are a lot more useful features like these that are bound to make your computing experience much better and easier than before.


Post Author: clarone