Perhaps the Best MacBook Alternative is here

In recent years, Microsoft has shown the world that not only can it do great software, but has the ability to create some very interesting hardware as well. This was made clear when the software giant started releasing their Surface devices. These were well-built 2-in-1 devices that really pushed the boundary as to what these kind of devices could offer to the people.

After the success of the Surface Pro lineup, Microsoft has just released its first ever proper laptop, the Surface Laptop. This, unlike the Surface Book released previously, is not a hybrid computer but rather a more conventional laptop. And it might just be the perfect machine for you if you are looking for a MacBook alternative.

It has the Looks and the Muscle

Two of the biggest reasons people prefer the MacBook are its solid build quality and its excellent looks. The Surface Laptop has both. It’s a lightweight laptop that looks very sleek, and uses some interesting material choices like the Alcantara material that covers the entire keyboard area of the laptop. Not only this, but the Surface Laptop comes in a variety of interesting colors as well, including Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, Platinum, and Graphite Gold.

It is great for Students

The Surface Laptop is aimed directly at college students. The sleek and lightweight form factor, coupled with the colors and a special version of Windows 10 is what makes it a great choice for students. This version of Windows, dubbed Windows 10 S, ensures that no malware gets into the computer by using apps from outside the Windows Store. This may seem like a negative point to many, but this will ensure that the laptop stays secure and speedy.

Other than sheer looks and the OS, the Surface Laptop also features a great touchscreen that works with the excellent Surface Pen. Couple this with the Surface Dial, and you might just have everything you need from your computer if you are a college student.

But, it’s not Perfect

All that said, the Surface Laptop is not perfect for a number of users because of one glaring reason; it’s an expensive machine. Starting at $999 for the base model, the Surface Laptop is easily outdone by many other gaming-grade laptops by Lenovo, Dell, and Asus. However, none of those laptops have the quality of craftsmanship that the Surface does.

So if you want something that feel more premium than the plethora of laptops out there, and you have the money to buy it, go ahead and get the Surface Laptop. We assure you it’ll be a great alternative to Apple’s MacBook, if you’re looking for one of course.

Post Author: clarone