Windows Now Also Has the Best HDR Editor

If you are a photographer and you like taking HDR photos, you know how important it is to have a great HDR editor at your disposal. There are many such editors one can use, each providing something different from the other. However, when Aurora HDR came on the scene in 2015, it was reserved for Mac OS only.

This year, Aurora HDR has finally been made available for Windows users too. This is great news as it is one of the best and easiest to use HDR editors available.

Packed Full of Features

When you visit Aurora HDR’s website, you will see all the new features the 2018 version of the editor brings. Other than its ever-excellent HDR processing prowess, the new version also adds lens correction settings, a new UI that is suitable for both beginners and professionals, more speed than before, and a number of new brushes and masks.

Windows users will finally be able to use this software for their HDR needs. Not only does Aurora HDR let you create true HDRs by combining multiple brackets but also has some great tone-mapping algorithms to turn individual photos into HDRs.

Cheaper than Many

Before Aurora HDR, many people used only Photoshop and Lightroom to make HDRs. However, both these programs are limited as compared to a true HDR editor, and ever since they have started charging a monthly fee to use them, they have become much more expensive than Aurora HDR’s $90 in the long run.

So if you have been waiting for a true HDR editor to use on your Windows computer but haven’t found one that suits your needs, Aurora HDR might be just what you need.

Should you be Interested in Windows 10 S?

If you’re even a little interested in Microsoft’s products and devices, chances are you have heard of Windows 10 S by now. It’s a new operating system (of sorts) that the company has developed for some of its devices. The recently released Surface Laptop, for example, runs Windows 10 S by default.

So what exactly is Windows 10 S, and should you even be interested in it? Let’s find out.

Safe, Secure, Store’

The idea of Windows 10 S is that it’s a safer version of Windows 10. It’s aimed not only at students and educators, but also at people who are interested in Google’s Chrome OS devices. That is because the devices coming installed with Windows 10 S are expected to be cheaper than those with full Windows, and will be targeting Chromebooks.

So how is Windows 10 S more secure than the full version? The answer is that Windows 10 S devices will allow you to install only those apps on your computers that are on the Windows Store. You will not be able to download any program from the internet, or use any other sort of setups to install them. This, however, does not mean that you won’t be able to run full Windows programs on your computer. You just won’t be able to run those that are not on the Store bundled as apps.

So should you be interested in Windows 10 S? If you are looking for a quick, secure, and hopefully cheap computer that doesn’t need to run too many programs not on the Store, then you might as well be.

Sketch better with technology rising out of necessity

There are many strugglers in world trying to draw elephant ends up like cows. Yeah that certainly happens for everybody beginning to draw. Don’t worry anymore because the Google has come up with “Autodraw” option to enhance your drawings skills. Drawing is art form with unique details. But when it comes to leisure drawing we are always in need of readymade options to swipe with. Here is the platform for the right technology made by Google based on user’s experience.

Your drawing may be miserable but the technology can upgrade your ideas on how to sort out things easily. When you have a doubt at today’s trend what you do? Where you go? Just go with Google. Google has come up with new algorithm for identity the terrible drawings of humans and change them with good ones stored in pre-built option.

Your doodle

Google is special for its doodle on famous person’s birthdays and all special days. Likewise your doodle can also be identified with the help of auto draw option in google. The Al does recognize the shapes you are trying to draw and show suggestions that you are in need of.

You can simply click and select. For instance let us take you are trying to draw bicycle draw two circles and a line connecting them you will come across options like eye glasses, wheels, and bicycle. Just click the bicycle and finish your work.

A new showcase

It comes with the same principle of quick draw and each and every small drawing is stored in memory. When you are searching for normal drawings like

  • Tree
  • Clock
  • Watch
  • Glass
  • Car

  When you start to draw its outer shape it can give its suggestions for the shapes you are drawing. If Google can’t recognize then you must quite not worry about your drawing skills because they are unique ones.