Which Dual Lens System Is Best For You

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year or so, you must have already seen the popularity of dual lens camera systems introduced in smartphones. This has really made it more interesting to take photos with phones as users now have access to more features and can create more creative shots.

However, the implementation of this system by each manufacturer is different. Some go for a secondary telephoto lens while others just add a low megapixel sensor to create bokeh effects. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular implementations of this system, and hopefully, it’ll help you make the most appropriate choice for your style of shooting.

  1. Telephoto Lens

The most famous type of secondary lens companies go for is a telephoto one. This makes it possible for users to take close-up photos of faraway objects without needing to crop into those taken from a standard lens. This leads to crisper, higher resolution photos of objects that you otherwise may have been able to capture.

  1. Depth Effect Lens

Other companies, mostly Chinese like Huawei, use a low-megapixel secondary sensor in their midrange phones that only captures depth information of any scene. This has no other benefit than to create a fake bokeh effect which is often not good nor convincing. This type of dual lens system is mostly for show, as phones with secondary telephoto lenses can also capture similar, and often better, bokeh photos.

  1. Wide Angle Lens

Our personal favorite is the system used by companies like LG which add a second sensor with a wide angle lens. A wide angle lens makes it possible for users to take photos that are more dynamic and dramatic, and also to take photos of large groups in smaller spaces. Architectural and street-style shots are also made better with such lenses.

  1. Monochrome Lens

Huawei and Nokia started adding a secondary monochrome lens to the back of their high-end phones. These monochrome-only lenses not only allow for much more stylistic photos at times but also make it possible for users to create a shot that is a combination from both color and monochrome sensors and is therefore much more detailed.

A dual lens camera system is not always for show only. It can truly open many more creative doors for you. You can take photos with your phones that you would otherwise have to rely on a much more expensive camera for. This means that you can take high-quality photos with your phone, use a professional photo editing program to adjust them further and get by without bringing your heavy DSLR everywhere.